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Scrum Events – The Sprint Review

The Sprint Review meeting takes place at the end of the Sprint. It allows the product increment to be inspected by the stakeholders and for the Product Backlog to be adapted by adding new items or rearranging existing ones.

The Sprint Review meeting is timeboxed to 4 hours, for a 1 month Sprint.

The meeting is attended by the whole Scrum Team, plus any stakeholders who have been invited by the Product Owner. First, the Product Owner explains which Product Backlog Items (PBIs) have been Done and which have not been Done.

Following this, the Development Team discusses what went well, any problems they had and how these problems were overcome.

Then the Development Team demonstrates the work that has been Done and answers questions. This is intended to be an informal demonstration, typically without the use of PowerPoint presentations. The presentation allows stakeholders to ask questions and give feedback on the increment.

sprint review meeting

During the Sprint Review, the Scrum Team should be able to demonstrate that the Sprint Goal has been met.

Following the demonstration, the Product Owner discusses the Product Backlog and may project likely completion dates based on the work completed so far.

The group takes a look at the overall timeline, budget and marketplace for the product, to give context for the next release.


The Scrum Guide also lists the following activities as part of the Sprint Review. In reality they are often moved to a separate event – Backlog Refinement.

  • The group collaborates on what to do next i.e. is the Product Backlog correctly prioritised or is it missing items?
  • A review of how changes to the marketplace have affected the work that needs to be completed next.

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