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Definition of Done

When a product Increment is completed, we say it is Done. These are criteria that must be met before an increment can be released.

To know what Done really means, the Scrum Team must have a shared Definition of Done (DoD).

  • Separate teams that are working on the same product should share the same DoD
  • Separate teams working on separate products can have different DoD’s.

It may be that the organisation already has standards and policies which can be used as the DoD. But if these standards don’t already exist, then the Scrum Team must create one.


Example Definition of Done

  • Code compiles
  • Code Peer Reviewed by one other Developer
  • Tested by the Development Team
  • User Acceptance tested

Only when all of the above points are true, can the increment be called Done.

As the Scrum Team matures and adapts, it is likely that their DoD will change – it is likely to become more stringent, resulting in higher quality increments. See our teams’ current DoD.


Done vs Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Criteria are used to define when a specific Product Backlog Item is complete – each PBI can have different acceptance criteria. While Done covers all PBIs in the increment.


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